Worktools nowadays come in all shapes and sizes and can serve a variety of purposes. They can, for example, be a simple hand operated tool such as a hammer or a standard screwdriver or they can be electrically or battery operated to make them easier to use such as a cordless drill or a mains powered jigsaw.

Typical types of hand tools include:

Typical types of power tools (i.e. tools that are operated by battery or by mains electricity) include:

Some worktools will have one specific purpose for which they can be used. So, for example, an electric screwdriver can be used primarily to put in and to take out screws. Some worktools, however, have multiple uses so they may come with various attachments that can do various jobs. These are often referred to as multi-purpose tools.

Some people will buy their tools separately as they need them for specific jobs around the home whilst others may prefer to buy a specific tool kit to give them all the basics and to add on certain other tools as necessary. In cases where you may need to use a large and potentially expensive tool then you can also look at hiring one from a tool hire firm rather than having to buy it yourself.