Garden Power Tools

One of the most essential and best-known garden power tools is the lawnmower. However there are several types of lawnmowers depending on the size of the area in which you have to cut the grass. If you only have a small lawn that is quite close to the house, you can use an electric lawn mower. The electrical cord plugs into the outlet you have outside the home. This type of lawnmower is great for mowing small areas where the grass is not that high and where there are no rocks. It is also very light and easy to use.

For larger areas, you can use a lawnmower that operates by means of a gas engine. These mowers are usually heavier to handle, but they can also cut higher grass. Some of them come with detachable containers that catch the grass clippings so you won’t have to rake when you are finished. The riding lawnmower is like a small tractor that you ride on. It is perfect for larger lawns. With this type of mower you can also have a collector bag. The latest invention in garden tools for mowing is the robotic mower. This type of mower runs by battery and will actually mow the lawn while you sit and watch. First you have to set the perimeter of the lawn, install the base and then set the mower going. You can even program this mower so that it will start and stop at a certain time.

For areas where you need to cut the grass, such as close to the house, at the edge of the driveway or around flowerbeds, you can use a weed trimmer, often called a weed eater. There are battery operated, gas powered and electrical varieties of this machine, all which use line to whip off the blades of grass. Once the line breaks off, all you have to is tap the top of the device on the ground and more line comes out.

If you have trees around your property, you will definitely need a leaf blower. This machine will blow all the leaves into a pile for you so that you don’t have to spend backbreaking hours raking. It doubles as a snow blower in winter when you only have a small amount to shovel. You can also use it to blow the grass clippings off the border of the driveway.

A hedge cutter is a necessary tool if you have a hedge. There are several types of this machine you can buy, depending on the size of your hedge. Instead of using large garden shears to trim the edge, this handheld tool makes the chore much easier. For hedges that are chest high, a double-sided hedge is what you need. If you have long straight areas, a single-sided hedge will cut the hedge perfectly straight for you. Instead of using a ladder to help you trim along the top of the hedge, use a pole trimmer to do the job easier.

For pruning trees and managing large branches that have fallen off, a lopper will help you do the job effectively. It is cordless, and the moving chain is enclosed in the jaws of the machine. You can recharge the battery after every use so that it is always ready to use.