Cordless Worktools

A lot of people are turning to cordless tools nowadays rather than using standard mains electricity operated ones that come with a cord or a cable. These tools work on battery power which means that they do not have to be connected to a power supply with a cord/cable. This can make them:

There are many types of worktool that can be used in a cordless version nowadays including:

Cordless worktools generally come with a built in battery or a battery pack. This will need to be charged (usually via a standard power socket) for a period of time before the cordless tool can be used. The length of charge that you get here will vary from tool to tool and on how complex their operation is. Many tools nowadays will also come with a spare battery pack so that you can swap packs on the spot if your original battery pack runs out in the middle of a job which can be useful for longer/bigger projects.