Bathroom Design

Getting the design of your bathroom right can make the difference between having a well laid out and organised room and having a bathroom that simply doesn't work in the way that you want it to. If you are thinking about a new bathroom and want to design its layout and contents then you have two primary options:

1. Design it yourself - you can simply work out the specifications and design of your room and design a layout that suits you. You may find it useful here to make up a scale drawing or two here to look at your different options.

2. Use a bathroom design company - many bathroom design companies will offer free design services where a designer will visit your home and draw up designs for you.

Whether you are making up your own bathroom design or having someone do it for you there are various things to consider before you go ahead and have a new bathroom fitted. These include:

Even a brand spanking new bathroom suite will not look as good as you may think if you do not get your decoration and lighting right in the room. Many bathrooms, especially smaller ones, can be relatively dark so look to maximise light sources and types of lighting here. Bear in mind as well that smaller bathrooms can be made to look bigger with lighter wall colours and larger bathrooms can be made to look cosier with darker colours.